Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get More From Your Next Writers Conference

Remember that workshop I attended a few days ago? Here's some good advice I got from authors Coleen Paratore and Eric Luper.

1. Get your money's worth. Hey, you paid to attend the conference - so make the most of it. Make an effort to meet people, other writers as well as editors. How? See tips 2 & 3...

2. Sit in the front row during seminars. This isn't seventh grade math class. You don't need to - and shouldn't for your own sake - hide in the back. Be visible and show your enthusiasm for the seminar.

3. Approach editors after their seminars. Say hi. Introduce yourself. Congratulate editors on some recent success (it doesn't hurt to do a little research beforehand). Don't worry about whether they'll remember you later - they probably won't. The point is to make that first connection. That way, when you contact them later, you can honestly say, "We met at the such and such conference..."

4. Be a player! Remember, you're just as legit as anybody else at that conference. Same goes for your work. Get in the game, and be your own best advocate!

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