Friday, July 1, 2011

What I've Been Up to This Week (This Concerns YOU!)

Well, it's been a busy week. I'm going to tell you about it because my busy week isn't really all about me. There's info in here for you, too!

I suddenly realized if I wanted to apply to the Rutgers One-On-One Plus program, I'd better get to finishing the application. This is an amazing opportunity I learned about at the Who's the Seuss? workshop I mentioned previously. About 70 to 80 applicants are selected for this one-day mentoring program in October, which matches writers with editors, agents, experienced writers and other publishing professionals. The deadline, alas, was today. But I'm telling you this so you can plan ahead for next year!

Monday through Thursday
Intense writing and revision to meet my (mostly self-imposed) deadline.

Gave an interview about my writing to a local weekly called The Spotlight. I'm excited because it's publicity for my upcoming book signing and I know people really do read this paper. I'm scared because I don't know what the article is going to say. Very strange to be on the other side of an interview.  I could have been better prepared. I gave the interview off the cuff knowing I had extremely limited time. I didn't want to risk missing my chance altogether. I think I made up for it by mulling over some of the questions later and emailing the reporter some "better quotes." People used to do this all the time to me when I was a reporter, and I always used the new stuff because it was thought out and just plain better. So there's a tip if you ever feel nervous after an interview.

More on the importance of preparing later. Happy weekend!

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