Saturday, December 17, 2011

Young Writers Magazines

Every time I see my 13-year-old nephew, he's working on a new book. He's actually written novel-length manuscripts at his age - something it's taken me years to do. He's dedicated and motivated and plans to be a writer after college. (As if he's not one already.)

So this got me thinking: Kids that age could use some of the same advice we adults get from books and magazines about the craft and business of writing and publishing. Right? I realize kids aren't banned from reading the material meant for grown-ups. But I doubt the language, style and formats used in such publications really appeal to the middle school crowd.

When I search online, I can find plenty of publications that publish young writers. As an example, this site lists some of the better known publications. But I haven't found anything that answers young writers' questions about improving their craft and the business side of publishing.

Do you know of any publications like that aimed specifically at young writers? If so, please clue me in!

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