Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reviewing the Possibilities

Oh, wow! So almost a whole month has passed since I posted last. Bad, bad, bad. BUT I have a good reason. I've actually been working on those revisions mentioned previously. There's only so much time in a life filled with caring for a preschooler, packing to move, grieving taxes, grocery shopping, visits to the dentist, babysitting a guinea pig and other sundry activities.

Still, I did manage to find time to research how to promote a book. One way to go: Try and get reviewed in a publication read by librarians and booksellers. After all, they are in the business of recommending books. With any luck, yours could be one of them. (One caveat: You run the risk of getting a negative review. But let's think positive - and consider the perspective that any press is good press.)

Here are a few places where you could score a review. Keep in mind, some require that you send galleys before the book is actually out.

The Horn Book

The Book List (Actually, I just found out two of my books were reviewed! Take a look here and here.)

Kirkus Book Reviews

Publishers Weekly

School Library Journal

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

American Library Association

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I just got a rejection email from an agent, and at first, I had this weird reaction. I didn't feel rejected. I felt more like I had gotten a bunch of suggestions for revisions that seemed hard and time-consuming and impossible to complete.

Now, reflecting on that feeling and rereading the email, I've realized something important. This is familiar territory. Even though it was technically a rejection, this agent gave me some suggestions, which means my reaction is up to me. I can view her rejection as a list of revisions instead. That means, I can do what I always do with revisions: Feel overwhelmed. Wait a few days to work on them. Then, start addressing each comment one at a time.

Even now, instead of feeling rejected or even overwhelmed, I'm getting excited. In a few days, these revisions won't seem so difficult to address. I'm pretty sure this is what it takes to succeed in this business: Just keep working!